Dogs:  We offer training & guidance ranging from all important dog temperament assessments as well as guidance on appropriate training needs for your dog. We offer a practical workshop to show you both useful and specific therapy interventions to help your clients during your visits and an annual six-week summer therapy dog course available in 2020 in West Wales. 

Humans: A full day’s workshop for you to learn about best practice, insurance, safeguarding and safe canine delivery methods as well as ultimately caring for the welfare of your companion animal…. a subject close to our hearts.

Organisations:A full support service from the above if you are already or just considering delivering a therapy or well-being dog service in your organisation

It is all great fun and enjoyable and you will very quickly see how specific training will greatly aid your confidence and efforts as a therapy dog team which can make a huge difference to people's lives of all ages and abilities as well as increasing the magical bond you have with your companion dog. 

Please note: We cannot guarantee that your dog will be happy or suitable for therapy dog work. All our training methods are reward based and force free.

See below for our Training Workshops.

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