Puppy School

Puppy on the Beach

  Introduction to Training for puppy & older dogs.
Video based dog training tutorial


Dog Walk

Bronze Intermediate: For dogs who have completed some basic training. Follow up from our puppy course above.

Video based dog training tutorial

Black Dog

Advanced Silver - (minimum level of training for therapy dogs.

Video based training tutorial

If you are preparing to introduce a new puppy to your home with a view to therapy dog work in the future then the Introduction to Training for Puppy & Older Dogs is an ideal way to start. 

The video based tutorials will provide a step by step guide to basic manners and common behaviours using kind, reward based force free methods. The course will help your young dog build confidence and learn the essentials, such as recall and loose lead walking as well as help to manage unwanted behaviours.

There is also a general information pack on how to introduce your puppy or young dog to his new environment.

Bronze Intermediate is our puppy school follow on course to tidy up your behaviours learned so far & introduce new ones.

Advanced Silver is the minimum level of training required for therapy dogs.



*Important notes:


Remember if you are hoping to take your dog to work or to visit a therapy setting it is important not to introduce your puppy to a busy workplace too early.Your puppy will be overwhelmed enough with getting used to his new home & family.  If something scares or unnerves a dog at an early stage it can set in for life.  We also recommend that no dog is introduced to a therapy setting without an assessment of his suitability and enjoyment of the work and is a minimum of 18 months old. 


Please do not expose your puppy to other dogs until he has received his early vaccinations.