Joanna Wright

Ravenpaws Training & Behaviour

I have been working in the canine industry for over 7 years (combined), starting off as a Dog Groomer in a local salon. It was there that I discovered my love for working with dogs. I have always loved dogs, and I remember being drawn to them since I was very little. Whether it be on holiday feeding the local strays, at friend's houses or just out on a walk! So, having begged my parents for a puppy for years - I finally ended up with three! A Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer and a Shih Tzu. They were my world growing up.

Due to personal circumstances, sadly I had to leave working at the grooming salon, and instead trained to become an Accountant, where I spent 6 years. However, once COVID hit, it became very clear to me that life was far too short to be working in a job and industry that I don't enjoy - and so I quit my stable 9-5 office job, and Ravenpaws Training & Behaviour was born!

I now own a retired ex-racing Greyhound, Sable, and a Cocker Spaniel, Gavin. They are like chalk and cheese! Sable is very affectionate, gentle and just your typical Greyhound (lazy!). Gavin on the other hand loves nothing more than a long country walk so he can stick his nose to the ground and sniff! But he's equally as wonderful and affectionate as Sable is.

At Ravenpaws, I deal with dogs of all shapes and sizes and behaviours, from puppy consultations, teaching loose lead walking and scent-work, to managing resource guarding, reactivity and separation anxiety. I strongly believe that any issue a dog has can be dealt with a kind, force-free approach. At no point during dog training should a dog feel stressed or anxious. After all - I certainly wouldn't want to learn from someone shouting at me!

I also take a very keen interest in Canine Nutrition. Unfortuantely so many people are unaware of how much of an impact our dog's diet can have on their behaviour and general well-being! The saying "You are what you eat" can be said for dogs too. If we were eating junk food full of colourings, preservatives and additives every day, we'd feel sluggish and our sugar levels would be constantly fluctuating - meaning lots of energy highs and crashes. So with any client, I do try and look at the overall picture of the particular behaviour, and try and find the root cause (which can sometimes be influenced by diet!).

I also strive to be constantly improving my knowledge thorugh continuous learning, hence why I am still undertaking more studies and courses, to enable me to keep up with the latest information and research, and therefore better inform and help my clients!

My qualifications are:

Full IMDT Approved Trainer

OCN Accredited Certification for 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour' Level 3

IMDTB Resource Guarding Course

IMDT The Excercises: Foundation to Advanced Course

Dog First Aid Qualified

I also am one of only five other Full IMDT Members to have ever achieved 100% on the theory element of the assesment!

Also currently working towards:

OCN Accredited Certification for 'Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement' Level 3

A Master's Degree equivalent with the ABTC to enable me to call myself a Clinical Animal Behaviourist

In April 2022 I will also be completing Julie Naismith's SA Pro course. Julie Naismith is a world renowned Separation Anxiety specialist, and runs a course once a year for up to six students. She hand selects dog trainers and behaviourists to complete her course, and I was one of the lucky few to be selected!

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Joanna Wright