Mandy Wilson

Peaceful Paws

Mandy has been around dogs most of her life, being guardian to 20 in this time. She currently lives with Ronnie and Lola – Tibetan Terriers (and husband Jim).

In 2015 she began to work formally with dogs as both a Holistic Therapist and Dog Trainer, gaining a wide range of qualifications. She comes from a Human Education background, being a Primary Teacher and then Headteacher for 35 years.

She continues to learn from a wide range of providers in many aspects of Canine Wellness, Behaviour and Relationships, taking a special interest in working with families and individuals (human and Canine) with unique needs.

Mandy is sole practitioner at Peaceful Paws Therapy and Training, but works in partnership and affiliation with a wide range of other providers.

Peaceful Paws offers a unique Integrated approach to Canine Wellness, taking a fully Holistic approach – wellness, clinical needs, emotional needs, environment, history , relationships; combining a therapeutic support alongside training and behaviour support.

Peaceful Paws offer a range of Training and Integrated packages, including Puppy Power, Teen Academy, Reactive Rascals, training support for basic skills for humans and dogs as well as Wellness Therapies, most recently Zoopharmacognosy.


IMDT approved trainer (ONC level3)

Diploma in canine behaviour and training ( Centre of Excellence)

Diploma in Canine Holistic Behaviour ( Canine Principles )

Diploma Animal Healing (Animal Magic Training )

Diploma Animal Reiki Diploma (Animal Magic Training )

Canine Bach Flower essence (Animal Magic Training )

DTC Instructor Canine Body Language

DTC Instructor Reactive Rascals

DTC Approved Trainer

KAD -Kids Around Dogs - Approved Trainer.


Mandy Wilson