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Claire Jepson

Learning and Understanding Canine Academy

Hi, I’m Claire and I began my dog training journey with the IMDT in 2021. After lots of studying and practical hands on experience I passed my assessment to be recognised as an accredited IMDT dog trainer, since then it has been really exciting to start my business and join the Therapy Dog Training UK team. 

I am the proud owner of an 8-year-old Lhasa Apso named Luca. As a rescue dog, Luca exhibited extreme nervousness, particularly when encountering other dogs, which resulted in reactive behavior. Overcoming Luca's fear of other dogs and training him has been a challenging journey, but the rewards have been immeasurable. Luca has taught me invaluable lessons along the way, which ultimately inspired the name of my business. Gone are the days of stressful walks in the park; nowadays, Luca thoroughly enjoys exploring new places and has gained a remarkable level of confidence when interacting with other dogs.

Using positive and force-free training techniques, my aim is to help owners to better understand their dogs' behaviour and enhance the bond and relationship between them. 

I have a special interest in working with therapy dogs. Drawing from my background as a speech and language therapist working alongside adults with learning disabilities, autism, and complex needs, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable positive influence therapy dogs can have. These extraordinary animals offer tremendous benefits, particularly for those facing challenges with their communication and social interaction skills. In previous settings I’ve worked in, therapy dog visits always stood out as the highlight of the week. 

Current Qualifications 

IMDT Courses: 

  • Level 3 Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement (OCN)

  • Canine First Aid

  • Puppy Foundations

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Recall

  • Resource Guarding 

  • Separation Anxiety 

  • Canine Body Language 

  • 4 Day Practical Instructor Course 

Absolute Dogs: 

  • Certified Pro-Dog Trainer 

I am based in Sheffield covering the South Yorkshire area.

Claire Jepson
You can request a dog assessment & training if you are already working through Therapy Dog 1&2 Workshops.

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