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Booking a therapy dog Temperament Assessment


You can meet us or one of our UK based Therapy Dog Training UK trusted trainers for a Therapy Dog Training UK –Visiting Therapy Dog temperament assessment and dog training award consultation. 

This positive and informal session consists of an hour and half, where we will:

  • Assess your dog’s temperament and well-being for therapy work and ensure that he/she will be happy and enjoy the therapy environment you will be attending.

  • Check on your dog’s level of training and confidence and see where any additional skills may be needed for you both to work toward the Therapy Dog Training UK Visiting  Therapy Dog (dog training) award.

  • Enjoy meeting YOU to answer your questions and offer support and assistance where we possibly can.

  •  Help you become fully certified if you are at that stage in your therapy dog training journey. ​

We have built up a wonderful and growing network of Therapy Dog Training UK Trusted Trainers tthroughout the UK, who are all highly qualified and experienced. It we do not have a trainer in your area we can work with you to find a suitably qualified instructor who we liaise with to conduct the temperament assessment and training consultation.

Charges for Therapy Dog Training UK assessments are made by individual trainers and are generally between £65-£100. These will vary depending on the Trusted Trainer's location. Some of our trainers may offer 1:1 training or classes at the time of the assessment or later to help with any training needs, so the session is charged appropriately.

Please note that Temperament Assessments/Training Awards do not take place in your home, place of work or therapy setting.

A dog during therpay training with owner

When can I book an assessment for my dog?



Our criteria for undertaking a therapy dog assessment, is that your dog must have matured through his ‘teenage’ stage, so must be at least 18 months old and have lived with you for 1 year so we can clearly see the bond between you both.

Some dog guardians like to have a feeling as to whether their puppy or young dog is suitable thereby not wasting time on the training if he is not. They ask for what we call a Preassessment. This is fine to do BUT please remember this will not constitute a Therapy Dog Training UK – Visiting Therapy Dog assessment until your dog is at least 18 months old. As a pre-assessment it will be beneficial to highlight any training needs, which means you will have lots of time to work with your dog to bring him to the level of training recommended for therapy dogs in the UK all found in our workshops 1&2. 

Please note: Trainers will charge for a Pre assessment and a Therapy Dog Training UK Visiting Therapy Dog Assessment as separate sessions.

If you would like to receive the Therapy Dog Training UK – Visiting Therapy Dog Certification, you need to gain the two parts & can only be tested at the same time if you are completely ready.*

Therapy Dog Paws

*Please note you will have to have completed or be at least halfway through Therapy Dogs Workshops 1&2 before you can book a temperament assessment.

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