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Craig O'Dare

Dawg'z Life

Hi, my name is Craig. 

I am honoured and proud to be one of Therapy Dog Training UK’s Trusted Trainers. 

I have been around dogs my whole life and grew around five German Shepherds, I was taught at an early age by my father and grandfather how to behave around dogs, and although my methods now may be quite different from the way they taught me, they still gave me a good grounding. 

I spent a large part of my adult life working abroad and although there were always my own dogs there when I ever I got back, dogs just found their way into my life, being ex-military, I spent several years in Afghanistan where my colleagues would get fed up with me talking about dogs, as I was already training dogs in my down time when home on leave as well as running all the dog teams in country, I finally made the break away from there in 2018  to work full time with dogs, after backing up my knowledge with a number of qualifications from different providers but mainly the IMDT who I remain a member of still today. 

I now run Dawg’z Life in South Wales and have worked with everything from explosive and protection dogs to therapy and assistance dogs, I still have a passion for the big breeds, but nothing gives me more pleasure than working with dogs that are there to help and  bring a joy to others 

Craig O'Dare
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