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Debbie Chandler

The Canine Club


IMDT member

My love affair with dogs started at a very young age. My mum tells me that as soon as I could crawl I would approach any and every dog I saw. The only difference now is that I approach them on two legs!!!

I’m privileged to spend my time working with people and dogs who are seeking to take their relationship to the highest level. A happy, well behaved dog who has consistent handling will add joy to very many lives. These wonderful animals may (if we’re lucky) be with us for fifteen years or more. I like to ensure that those years are enriching and enjoyable for both the four legged and two legged parties.

I constantly strive to ensure that I’m delivering training using the best modern, force free techniques. I like to make training fun for all parties but don’t compromise on the content and skills I am delivering. I love it when I sense that the owner and dog are truly starting to communicate and facilitating that is my favourite part of what I do.

I’ve owned many dogs throughout my life. I’ve adored them all and my current wingman and centre of my universe is beautiful Tucker a twelve year old Hungarian Vizsla who I rescued some 6 years ago.


Debbie Chandler
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