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Justine Clatworthy

EeeZee Dog Training

I’ve been horse and dog obsessed since I was a very young child

but my real dog training adventures began after taking on a crazy

GSD/ Malinois mix and being inspired by a great trainer.

I’ve been a qualified dog trainer and member of the IMDT since

2018. Working in dog training and behaviour feels more like a paid

hobby than a job to me as I absolutely love it!

Seeing the transformation and often healing of the relationships

between dogs and owners when things have become difficult is so


Sadly the German Shepherd Rescue I volunteered at moved too far

from me but I continue to volunteer with GSRE doing home checks

and behavioural assessments.

I’ve fully committed to improving situations for dogs with the things

they struggle to cope with in our world by opening the Holistic

Canine Centre where we now do the majority of our dog training, as

well as ethical grooming and nutrition support.

Dogs enrich our lives so much and the amazing capabilities they

have for working for us and with us are incredible.

Full IMDT Membership Approved Trainer

OCN Accredited Certification for Principles of Dog Training and

Behaviour Level 3

IMDTB Separation Distress

IMDT Resource Guarding Course

IMDT Perfect Puppy

IMDTB Dog to Human Aggression

IMDT Happy Recallers

IMDT LooseLeaders

IMDT Impulse Control

IMDTB Working with Noise Sensitivities and Phobias

IMDTB Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in dogs

School Of Canine Science Aggression

School Of Canine Science Resource Guarding

School Of Canine Science Nutrition; Behaviour

School Of Canine Science Fear

School Of Canine Science 30 Days of Canine Science

Absolute Dogs Sexier than a Squirrel

Canine Principles Wolf Awareness

Canine Principles Easy Walks With Your Reactive Dog

Canine Principles Loose Lead Walking

Canine First Aid Trained

Courses In progress…

School Of Canine Science

Behavioural Bible

Puppy Lab. Canine Principles

CPD Certificate

Rescue Dog Accredited Advanced Certificate

Justine Clatworthy
You can request a dog assessment & training if you are already working through Therapy Dog 1&2 Workshops.

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