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Lizi Arnold

Lizi's Pawsitive K9's

I'm Lizi Arnold. I have a Level 5 Diploma in Canine Behaviour with the ISCP, am an assessed dog trainer with the IMDT, a Seperation Anxiety Pro with Julie Naismith, a Certified Holistic Dog Grooming Behaviourist with The HGA amongst other certificates. 

But above all, i'm a human with dogs. Dogs that have shown me every which way how to get into all sorts of chaos and how to be the most muddy, or how to take up the whole sofa and bed. And I wouldn't have them any other way. And I can help you through experiences, certificates and years of studying dogs, to set both you as a guardian and your dog, up for success. One of my own dogs is going through the process to be a TDT UK therapy dog too!

Lizi Arnold
You can request a dog assessment & training if you are already working through Therapy Dog 1&2 Workshops.

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