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Lorraine Carrothers

Lead and learn Dog Training

Lorraine is a professional dog trainer accredited through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

- IMDT since 2018. She has a keen interest in training dogs to not just be wonderful bonded

companions with their guardians but also to provide support and assistance for children,

young people and adults with additional needs and social anxiety. She has trained her own

dog as an autism assistance dog for a family member.

Lorraine is committed to continuing her professional development with the IMDT and many

other organisations including The Kennel Club, School of Canine Science, Victoria Stillwell

Academy, Absolute Dogs, Michael Shikashio, Dr Ian Dunbar, Nordic Education Centre for Dog

Trainers and many more.

Lorraine takes regular, group training classes in her local community as well as providing one to one

training for individuals or families who need or prefer this option in the wider area of Northern Ireland.

She is the first registered Northern Ireland based 'Trusted Trainer' with Therapy Dogs Training UK

which has enabled her to also offer therapy dog training and temperament assessments.

Lorraine can help you achieve the level of training required for you and your dog to go forward as a

Therapy Dog Partnership or to simply become a well mannered, happy member of your family!

Lorraine Carrothers
You can request a dog assessment & training if you are already working through Therapy Dog 1&2 Workshops.

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