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Our two Therapy Dog Theory workshops are packed with information and resources to train your dog to deliver a visiting therapy dog service, whether you are a teacher or healthcare professional offering an independent paid for service or you plan to volunteer for a pet therapy organisation, check the links below:


1.   Introduction to Therapy Dog Training - Free information pack to help you choose the best course for your needs.

2.   Therapy Dog Training Theory Workshop 1 - How to Deliver a Safe and Effective Service - legal considerations, health & safety, insurance etc.

3.   Therapy Dog Training Theory Workshop 2 – Looking Out for your Dog - the impact of the therapy environment on your dogs health/well-being considerations and minimum standard guidelines for therapy work.


Depending on the level of practical training you have undertaken with your dog, we have included video-based dog training tutorials bronze and silver courses within the theory workshops 1 & 2 respectively.

We also provide step by step practical video based pure dog training courses if you just need help with training a new puppy and to progress to the recommended standard for canine assisted therapy.  These courses are equivalent to UK Kennel Club Good Citizen Award levels. These will be helpful if you plan to train your family dog to help a member of your family* 

1.   Introduction to Trainingfor puppies and older dogs.(Video based training tutorials)

2.   Fun & Games Bronze - for dogs who have undertaken some basic training (Video based training tutorials)

3.   Fun & Games Silver - advanced training and minimum standard for therapy dogs.(Video based training tutorials)

N.B It is important (when we can) that you socialise your dog with other dogs and humans in as many different environments possible as well as undertaking our online training. Initial meeting and greeting should always be brief, positive and happy.


*If you want to train your dog to be a therapy dog to help a child or member of your own family contact us here

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