If you are interested in training a therapy dog.


Your paws are in the right place.

Therapy Dog Training UK provides a series of online theory and practical video-based workshops, which when combined will equip you to effectively train your dog to deliver a safe & compliant canine assisted therapy service. 


The video-based practical dog training courses are designed for dogs with a range of capabilities. The easy to follow tutorials take you from a puppy/young dog with little or no training right through to the recommended level for therapy dog work. 

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The canine assisted therapy theory workshops provide important guidance to ensure your dog’s well-being and ultimately judge whether canine assisted therapy is right for your dog.  You may be joining a respected pet therapy organisation or want to deliver an independent service. Either way, the workshops guide you through your dog’s assessment & training, important legal compliance & animal welfare considerations as well as helping you seek a supportive therapy setting.


For existing or newly formed pet therapy organisations, the complete series offers a valuable volunteer training resource and will aid in designing a volunteer programme.

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