To receive full TDT UK certification we would ask you to have undertaken the following steps:


  • To have completed Therapy Dog Training Workshops 1 and 2.

  • To submit the two straightforward assignments and case studies for both workshops. (Please do not be put off as the assignments are easy and designed to be valuable to you in your therapy setting)

  • To have achieved and submitted to us a UK Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Award -see note1.

  • To have received and submitted to us proof of a positive temperament assessment for your dog either gained with us at TDT UK or with a fully qualified dog trainer or behaviourist - see note 2. 



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Note1. You can gain your Kennel Club Good Citizen (KCGC) award assessment with a local KCGC accredited club.  The dog training video tutorials Bronze and Silver contained respectively in our Therapy Dog Training Workshops 1 & 2 will really help you with your practise at home. As we run live Kennel Club Good Citizen courses at our training centre in Pembrokeshire the video tutorials mirror our live classes.  Unless you live in Pembrokeshire, you will have to gain the award itself from an external assessor when restrictions are lifted. See UK Kennel Club website for an accredited KCGC trainer/club or behaviourist in your area.


Note 2. We will be scheduling our consultation/assessment days as soon as restrictions allow, so we may be able to undertake the assessment with your dog, advise you on anything you need help with and best of all enjoy a cup of tea with you both!  


We will let you know when we are on the road again!


Have a look at this free information pack to tell you a little more about the workshops: