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Online Therapy Dog Training Workshops & Information

CPD Accredited courses that are easy to learn at your own pace

Assess, Train and Certify your dog as a Therapy Dog.

Is your dog calm & confident and does he/she love meeting new people?


Are you a teacher, therapist or health professional who wants to share the joy your dog brings with your pupils or clients?

Maybe you have some time and want to volunteer as a therapy dog partnership, take your dog to work in your own practice or deliver a paid for service. If so, we can help you both.

What We Offer

Therapy Dog Training UK Workshops 1&2. CPD-accredited online training workshops TDT Workshops 1&2 contain a wealth of information to help you deliver a safe, compliant therapy partnership whilst ensuring your dog’s happiness and well-being. 


Included in each workshop are 24 easy to follow video-based tutorials for all the behaviours recommended to coach your dog to bronze and silver level, the recommended level of training for therapy dogs in the UK.

Puppy School. Our online Puppy School offers an introduction to dog training for puppies and older dogs in easy-to-follow video-based tutorials.

Therapy Dog Training UK - Trusted Trainers. A growing network of  qualified and experienced dog trainers who can deliver a TDT UK dog temperament test at the age of 18 months. Our trainers can also help you with live training assistance if needed.

Therapy Dog Training UK – Visiting Therapy Dog Certification and Training Award.  Our workshops explain this in more detail and can be achieved step by step as you move forward on your therapy dog journey. If certification is successful you are eligible to purchase the TDT UK therapy dog partnership uniform.


Live training weekends.  If you and your dog would like to meet us and enjoy meeting others with similar aims, we offer a fun two day live training workshop which includes a temperament assessment and learning some fun activities to delight your clients.  


Therapy Dog Training UK is a Responsible Business With a Purpose

  • We want to spread the message that the happiness and well-being of a therapy dog in any setting away from home is a priority

  • We want every therapy dog guardian to have access to best practice information in order to be knowledgeable & confident to deliver a safe, compliant therapy dog partnership to their clients.

There are therapy dogs bringing amazing benefit to people every day, often in demanding environments.  We believe we owe it to these amazing animals to offer gentle guidance and training so they can feel confident and happy to thrive in valuable work they do outside of family life.

*All of our dog training is based on positive force free methods.

"Thank you for setting up such a thorough course.

It goes above and beyond other providers."



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Therapy Dog Training UK Workshops 1 & 2

CPD Accredited 60 hours.

Get 20% off when you buy our Therapy Dog Workshops 1 & 2 as a course bundle.

Affordable payment plan option available.

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