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If you are interested in canine assisted therapy.


Your paws are in the right place.

Therapy Dog Training UK provides three online workshops, which when combined will equip you to effectively deliver a visiting canine assisted therapy service. The workshops provide an understanding of how best to undertake this highly rewarding work. Importantly there is guidance to ensure your dog’s well-being and ultimately judge whether canine assisted therapy is for you as a unique partnership.  

You may be joining a respected pet therapy organisation or want to deliver an independent service. Either way, the workshops guide you through your dog’s assessment & training, important legal compliance & animal welfare considerations as well as helping you seek a supportive therapy setting. 


For existing pet therapy organisations, the series offers a valuable volunteer training resource. Similarly, if you are group looking to set up, the workshops will aid in designing your volunteer programme.

Click here to register your interest – workshops commencing soon!

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