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Therapy Dog Training & Certification

Would you like to train your dog to be a therapy dog?


Are you a teacher, therapist or health professional who wants to share the joy your dog brings with your pupils or clients? Maybe you want to volunteer as a therapy dog team in a school, library or care setting or deliver a paid for service. If so, we can help…

Therapy Dog Workshops 1 & 2

Special Offer: 20% discount for purchasing both Therapy Dog Training Workshops


Introduction to Training for Puppies & Older Dogs

Prepare your puppy for its new home, with a view to therapy dog work in the future

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Book a Therapy Dog Assessment or Consultation

Meet us or one of our trusted trainers for a positive therapy dog assessment

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Receive a Therapy Dog Training UK Certificate

Find out the necessary steps you need to complete to receive a TDT UK certificate

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TDT UK is a responsible business with a purpose. We want every therapy dog guardian to have easy access to best practice information, so you can be confident to deliver a safe, compliant service. 

We want to spread the message that the happiness and well-being of therapy dogs across the UK should be considered as a priority. 


There are therapy dogs bringing benefits to young or vulnerable people every day, sometimes in quite demanding environments. We believe we owe it our animals to give them the opportunity to be well-trained, confident and happy and to thrive in any valuable work they do outside of family life.

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How to train your dog to be a therapy dog

With these aims in mind we offer:

  • Two therapy dog training workshops providing a wealth of information on how to deliver a safe, effective therapy dog programme. Included are video-based tutorials to coach your dog to the recommended level of behaviour training for therapy dogs.

  • An online puppy school offering basic behaviour training for puppies and older dogs*

  • A small but growing network of UK qualified trainers to provide practical therapy dog training and temperament assessments.

  • A TDT UK certificate of completion, concessions on specialised animal therapy insurance and one to one consultancy, where it is possible to meet.

*All our dog training is based on positive force free methods.

"I would highly recommend the training to anyone who wants to use a dog in schools. The staff here certainly enjoyed all of the live sessions."

Head Teacher: Shane Mock and the staff team at Greenhill School Rhiwbina Cardiff