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Therapy Dog Training Workshops 1 - Course Content

Welcome to Our Workshops

Canine Assisted Therapy – Ways to Deliver a Service
Delivering a Safe, Compliant Service
Dogs and the Law
Transference of Zoonotic diseases – advice for Therapy Dogs working with young, elderly, and immune supressed clients

Safeguarding and Confidentiality

Risk Assessment – template to download



Canine Assisted Therapy – Background
Understanding Dogs Helping Humans – AAI & AAT

The Importance of a Temperament Assessment and Training
Finding and Working with a Therapy Setting


  • Delivering a Safe Compliant Canine Assisted Therapy Service.

  • Canine Assisted Therapy – Starting your journey.

  • Downloadable Resources – Research Papers and Information Slides for your personal use.

  • Video Based Dog Training Tutorials: 

Practical Tutorials – Introduction
Therapy Dog Training UK – Bronze Level Training Course. 
Bite Size video lessons to learn and practice for a few minutes every day with your dog:

Marking and Reinforcing       
Handling and Inspection       
Collar versus Harness           

Restrained Recall     

Stay – proofing

Grooming your Dog
Impulse Control Games
Stop Jumping Up
Down Side
Loose Lead Walking
Recall and Collar Touch
Wait at Gate or Doorway
Leave it – Parts 1 and 2

  • Canine Assisted Therapy Essential Training Behaviours 


 Including Send to Mat and Developing Associations toward Unusual Equipment


Therapy Dog Training UK Workshops 1 & 2

Special Price for both workshops as a Course Bundle £150.00
Everything you need for your Therapy Dog Training 
Affordable payment plans available.

What our clients say..

"Loaded with useful advice and tips.Many pointers to aspects to think about. As a life long dog lover, PAT volunteer and health & Safety adviser, I am finding the course well presented and I am reassured by the bread of knowledge and sensible advice."


A. King
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