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Therapy Dog Training Workshops 2 - Course Content & Certification

  • Introduction

How to achieve the Visiting Therapy Dog Certification and criteria
  • Dogs - The Basics

Modern Breeding and Artificial Selection
Planning for a New Puppy
Training - Why understanding how your dog thinks and feels is so important.
Positive Reward Based Training

  • Caring And Working With Your Dog For Canine Assisted Therapy

Essential Dog Welfare Guidelines for Therapy Dogs
Listening and Being Present to Your Dog
The Effect of the Therapy Environment on Your Dog
A Trigger Stacking Record for you and your dog – Download
Dealing with Stress and Anxiety in the Context of Canine Assisted Therapy
Canine Enrichment – Important for any ‘Working Dog’

  • Canine Assisted Learning Support – Reading Dogs

Conduct a Learning Support Session Paw by Paw
Research Papers to download for your use.
What volunteering with my dog has meant to me – Kim Jameson and Willow


  • Video Based Dog Training Tutorials:

Essential Training Behaviours to Silver Level building on the Bronze level from Workshop 1

  • Visiting Therapy Dog Certification Step 1: Assignments

Case Study – assignment 1
The MOU – assignment 2
Bark and Read – Standards of Practice


  • Certification Step 2: The Temperament Assessment and Training Consultation


  • Certification Step 3: The Dog Training Award Criteria


  • Practical and Fun Activities to Delight Your Clients

  • Delivering Your Service: Essential Document Templates

Risk Assessment
Memorandum of Understanding with your Therapy Setting
Simple Consent Form

  • Resources

  • Certificate of Completion of Workshops for CPD available to download

(N.B this does not constitute The Therapy Dog Training UK – Visiting Therapy Dog Certificate)

Pawprints of a therapy dog
therapy dog pawprints

Therapy Dog Training UK Workshops 1 & 2

CPD Courses

Special Price for both workshops as a Course Bundle £150.00
Everything you need for your Therapy Dog Training 
Affordable payment plans available.

What our clients say..

"Loaded with useful advice and tips.Many pointers to aspects to think about. As a life long dog lover, PAT volunteer and health & Safety adviser, I am finding the course well presented and I am reassured by the bread of knowledge and sensible advice."


A. King
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